A Touch of Nature: Preserves

Are today’s conservation efforts enough? Will it be sufficient to simply focus funding on conserving the damage humans have done? Currently, ecosystems are on a downward spiral with over 80% of the earth’s original forests gone and this rate is not slowing as we are using 50 percent more natural resources than can be provided. To keep a healthy environment biodiversity needs to be protected. Simple resource reduction may not be enough to halter our ecosystem degradation. There is a secret weapon in our tool kit against resource loss, preserves. This reason along with many others allow us to have an in depth look into why preserves are important.


Beautiful river in a nature preserve in North Carolina, I had a great chance to walk along this river and relieve stress after Universities’ mid terms. The river flows along a valley of a mountain side in the ending of the Appalachian mountain range.

Environmental Restoration

Preserves allow for the protection of biodiversity, because the land is set aside for purely natural use. No roads are allowed to be built and the land is protected by federal law. Therefore, with this unkempt natural land, restoration can take place without human interaction setting the process back. The environment has extreme self healing powers when left undisturbed by extensive chemical outputs and deforestation. Putting this land baside assures that there are areas allowed to remain bio-diverse.


Sunset off of Amelia Island in Florida. This photo was amazing to capture as the clouds gave off a pretty unique light show!

Preserves have a positive effect on human health

Humans are not meant to be clustered into very tight condensed cities, as are becoming more prevalent, this is an environment that humans had to adapt to. When analyzed humans need the release of nature to promote good mental health. A simple walk through a nature preserve can allow for a perfect stress reliever. The preserves are quiet of all sounds except those of the wildlife inhabiting them. These animals provide a rhythmic tune that tends to calm and relax.

Displays importance of nature

Those of us that are lucky enough to get out and enjoy these preserves on a regular basis know that these preserves are lush. Comparative to the metro parks or even state parks, a real difference can be felt. These preserves display truly unkempt and wild nature. It is significantly different than what is seen on a normal basis, this reminds me just how much we have altered the natural world. When I continually immerse myself in these landscapes it leads me to care more about how I interact with nature daily, to make more sustainable choices.

Image result for african nature preserve



Third world countries

In one of my prior articles about Zoos I gave some negatives to the current usage of zoos. (Feel free to go back and read this article if it is something that interests you) These negatives can be combated by instillation of more natural preserves. These preserves would be well placed in third-world countries, these countries include most of the continent of Africa. These countries have beautiful and exotic wildlife that are relatively left alone. These preserves can play a key role in reduction of poaching.

Another unique aspect of these preserves in Africa would be allowing for an income to these countries through ecotourism in the preserves. Preserves could provide a stable interaction with wealthier countries leading to potential aide and future trade deals including natural resources (minerals specifically) , food, or water.

As always,

Think green, friends.


5 thoughts on “A Touch of Nature: Preserves

  1. How would the Nature preserves in 3rd world countries work against poaching if people are still poaching on the Nature preserves already there?


    1. Awesome question! This is something that was discussed in one of my environmental studies courses. So let me expand on this then, the nature preserves set in place currently are ran almost purely by the country that they are taken place in. This allows for poachers to still be active in that there is not a local set of law enforcement out, just these safari guides who tend to be locals. The idea I would like to see proposed, and I apologize that I didn’t expand on it in the article, is to have a sort of global power with some sort of influence over all preserves that could aide in the placement of trail cams, global law enforcement, alarm fences, or drones.


      1. So you are saying a group like and or is the United Nations?


      2. Yes, a more specific to wildlife group than the United Nations however. The UN does currently have poaching laws and regulations, yet they aren’t that effective. They do fund a good number of organizations that are making positive strides.


      3. I actually am curious how you would, if you could get countries together to fund something like this?


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