Sleep on a Beach?

Deep down in all of our souls, there is a fire. This fire for me stays lit because of my love for nature, travel, and sustainable living. I believe that myself, like many others, get a release off adventuring and discovering new places. I want to share with you one of my most recent adventures that took me to the beautiful sunshine state, Florida. I will openly admit that me, and my lovely traveling partner, are rather cheap and prefer to not spend too much money when we can. Luckily, this preference brought us to a great discovery. In Florida there are certain places where you can sleep right on the beach.


Amelia island is home to one of the many beautiful beaches in the Sunshine State! (unfortunately you cant sleep on this one)


Unfortunately, as our society distances from nature more laws are being put in place that tend to make it harder for people to get in touch with our natural environment. So, before you get too excited and go camping anywhere your heart desires, there is a few things you should understand. Each counties laws are different in Florida, but the overlaying law is that you can’t camp on developed beaches, and camping on undeveloped beaches (usually national parks) is usually very strict. Many beaches have very strict dusk to dawn hours and just setting up a tent could you a stern talking to from local law enforcement. The undeveloped beaches tend to need permits just as a back country site would.


The Good News

There are still quite a few spots that are extremely beautiful and that you should make sure to visit. These sites are all very beautiful yet some vary in distance from the beach and the seclusion but I hope you all check these sites out and get a chance to live the nomadic lifestyle even if its just for a few days! So here is the top 10 sites you should check out. All of these sites are either directly on the beach or very near so that you can hear the waves.


A wonderful Florida beach. The waves were crashing, people were laughing, birds were cawing, life was great this day!

Northwest Florida

1) The Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens

2) St. Joseph Penninsula State Park

3) St. George Island State Park

The Keys

4) Anclote Key

5) Shell Key

(To get to these two spots will require a ferry or personal boat)

6) Fort Desoto County Park

7) Cayo Costa State Park

8) Keewaydin Island

9) Flamingo Campground

Atlantic Coast

10) Canaveral National Seashore

Top RV Site

Red Coconut RV Resort

I hope you all enjoy the sites, be sure to keep in mind that these sites are all parts of ecosystems which could be fragile or endangered. Therefore, tread lightly and enjoy the views. Take only pictures and memories with you. This is planet is for all of us, its our job to protect it.

Thanks for reading

Think green, friends!





1 thought on “Sleep on a Beach?

  1. Back about 20 years ago there were beaches in state parks along the Michigan dunes where you camp on the beach. It is a different feeling and very serene.


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