Tips For Aspiring Vegans/Vegetarians

If you are reading this you must either be looking to become plant-based or have tried before and it didn’t quite work out. With my tips, I believe that you will be able to make the switch to a plant-based diet and not only stick to it, but love it!



The first trick to becoming plant-based is weighing out your reasons for the decision. This is a major life change so you need a passion behind the reasoning. If you don’t have a passion for this lifestyle it will be hard to stick to the plan. I want you to find what made you first start thinking about the switch. Once you have these reasons copy them into a notepad on your laptop or phone. You will then have this list to look back to whenever you wonder why you made this choice or if its worth it. I’ll share my list so you can either add them to yours or just so you know more about me and my choices! The list includes environmentally friendly, doesn’t contribute to large-scale agrobusinesses, healthy, can grow a majority of my own food (permaculture garden), and doesn’t support animal cruelty. This list keeps me motivated to stay on track because these issues have become my motivation to fight the current system.

You can not stand by and wait for a change, you need to be the change. The world will only better if we decide it. Make the decision.


Slow Down

Nothing worth having comes easy or quick, this being said, take the process slowly. If you go from a “normal” eating pattern to a complete vegan two things will happen. First, You will lose motivation quickly as the food will taste different if you aren’t used to vegetables, beans, and grains as compared to steak or highly processed food. Second, your stomach will hurt pretty bad. This is due to the amount of fiber you will be consuming. I won’t lie when I tell you that my stomach was hurting for the first week or two of going plant-based. This is completely normal and will fade off as your body gets used to the fiber intake and will eventually lead to you just using the restroom more!



To minimize both of those, take your time on the switch. Take it week by week is my best tip.

-The first week increase your intake of fruits and vegetables with no other changes. The next week cut your meat intake by half. For example, I usually ate meat with two meals a day. So, I would go to only one piece of meat a day.

-The next week cut your total weeks meat consumption in half again. Back to my example, I would only eat 3 pieces of meat (I rounded down).

-The next week go to no meat at all. This is where the stomach pain may begin as well, due to more fiber and no meat bacteria in your gut. At this point, take a breath! You are officially a vegetarian!

If you are going vegan, after settling into being vegetarian analyze your favorite animal products and eliminate all others aside from those. Then you can begin looking for textures and flavors to eliminate those cravings so you can eventually lean off the animal products you enjoy most. For example, soy milk instead of dairy milk.


Real food

This is probably the most important of all the tips if you want to maximize your experience as a plant-based eater. Eat fruits, eat vegetables, and eat grains. Eating real food is important as it will contain high protein content in your beans, oats, and vegetables as well as containing nutrients and minerals that are essential to your body functioning properly. If there are some fruits or vegetables you dislike either replace them or find a better way of cooking them by seasoning differently or different cooking method. Personally I like broccoli steamed but not uncooked. I like sweet potatoes with cinnamon but not with any other spices! Its a process discovering what flavors and textures you like but there is always a way to find your fit!

As always,

Think green, friends!



If you are interested in any plant based recipes that I love and use constantly either comment or email me!




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