Grow Your Own Garden! And Love it too!

In the very recent years of my life, I have found great satisfaction in gardening. As I continued growing different vegetables and flowers I learned a lot about its true importance! I want to share with you why I believe we should all have a garden in our backyards, no matter big or small!



In the United States, we lose approximately 6000 acres of green space daily! This green space could be anything from forest to meadows to plains. These biomes are then destroyed and repurposed into many different uses, be it cities, power plants, supermarkets, or for natural minerals exploitation. One thing is for sure, there won’t be many carbon fixating plants on this land any longer! So, how does this tie into gardening? Well, what if I told you that your garden could protect and enrich the environment of our world.

I want you to think macro scale with me for a moment. You have a backyard garden in your yard. You grow crunchy carrots, delicious tomatoes, savory potatoes, and nutritious beans. Let’s throw a huge fancy grapevine in there, too! You have this wide variety of nutritious plants in your backyard, which leads to not depleting the soil of its nutrients and a great way to absorb lots of harmful pollutants and recycle them into healthy organic compounds! Then, your neighbor also has a backyard garden around the same size but maybe they grow peppers, blueberries, and wildflowers instead. They add another source of carbon absorption. Then boom your whole neighborhood is growing some plants. And then your whole city with access to green space is growing! Before you know it there are all these small seeming gardens that absorb small amounts of carbon and release oxygen to aid in a healthy and safe air for all!

One action may not make a difference but if that action can inspire, it can be impossible to stand in the way!

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Food Industry

The food industry in today’s society has been put under a lot of pressure. This pressure has lead to the creation of unsustainable methods of food production by monoculture (growing of one type of crop) and pesticide use. Both are highly detrimental to soil, environment, and human health!

Let us refer back to the previous example of a neighborhood we could delve into how we could reduce this problem. You and your neighbors are each growing 4 different types of edible plants. 4 plants is a very achievable and easy to handle the variety of plants. However, if you only ate 4 foods you may go crazy after a while! Your neighbor is tired of their 4 foods as well. So you decide to trade with each other. Say a pound of berries for a couple potatoes. Why limit yourselves to just what your one neighbor and you are growing? Branch out to your entire neighborhood and you can all start a sort of farmers market where you know all the produce is grown locally. This local produce means that they were picked near the prime of their nutrition content and no fuel had to be used by trucks or planes to deliver these foods to a supermarket near you.

The Food industry as we know it cant be sustained. The amount of gas used to deliver foods is sickening. The money for these purchased goods then goes back into large-scale agro-business giving them more power to expand upon monocultures that usually end up causing a downfall to organic and local farmers. It is up to all of us weekend warriors, part-time growers, and hobby gardeners to drive society to a healthy world!


Great Hobby

Gardening is much like having small, stationary, and quiet children! (All are good characteristics for kids!) You get to plant seeds at the beginning of the year, watch them grow into seedlings then start to show classifiable characteristics and before you know it they are full grown with flowers, fruits, or vegetables! These plants need to be nurtured through these stages of life. Thus you can fill any downtime in your life aiding these plants by picking out harmful weeds or watering and thinning! These will directly pay off to a healthier plant. So, in this sense gardening is about as rewarding of a hobby as you can get!


Do I need to say more? Get out there and garden!

Think green, friends!

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