Why are Vegans so Dang Angry?

Vegans today are very vocal about their opinions and lifestyle choices, whether you wanted to hear it or not! When a vegan walks into the room they will be sure to tell you. This does seem like a reoccurring occurrence for vegans. So it is time to break the news to non-vegans. When you go fully vegan, you are visited by a secret vegan society that wears nothing but leaves that fell from trees and were ethically collected, you then sign a contract to judge and yell at all non-vegans. (Half satire)

I do want to address this seemingly angry vegan concept. Lots of vegans including myself made this move for some of the following reasons animal rights, Environmental sustainability, or world ethics ( an example being culture displacement). All of these are very large concerns and very sensitive topics. Therefore, if you completely alter your life to fit into one or all of these categories you become increasingly compassionate about the topic.

Whether or not you are vegan I want you to think about the most important thing in your life. Think, think, think, dig deep! Now, put yourself in the position where you are discussing this topic. So maybe your “thing” is writing, your kids, cars, or fitness. Then, you get to discussing this and someone thinks that your writing isn’t that good, they think your kids are ugly and have big ears, cars are dumb and specifically, your car is slow, and fitness is a supplement and a big business driven industry. Think of how you would react? A good majority of people will be upset or offended. How you respond may vary but the simple idea is that you will be upset and inclined to retaliate your opinion!

For me, my thing is sustainability. I want the world to thrive past just our generation and have a more wholesome relationship with nature. For other vegans, the more vocal group tends to be the animal rights group. So for dramatization say people burned your writing, hit your kids, destroyed your 2018 Camaro, or slipped extra calories into your healthy meal prepped foods making you fat. This is actually comparable, animal rights activists care deeply for animals on this planet that show empathy and have real emotions, yet, are being exploited for human purposes. This can be very upsetting, PETA is a joke in today’s culture, people bring and eat meat in front of vegan protests all while laughing when they get upset and pointing to a “softer” generation. Well if soft means compassionate towards my beliefs then you know what I agree I am as soft as a plush pillow!

Vegans tend to be so angry because, as of the current date, are in the minority. The beliefs that are trying to be spread by the community are going mute, no matter what route people take to spread the message it isn’t being grasped by the materialistic society we live in. The efforts go unnoticed. Unless, you are the loudest voice in the room, unless you make radical statements unless you attack the crowd as a whole. Whether or not this is the right approach is up to you. I believe it is driving many people away from veganism, however, it has spread awareness of the true reasons that people stand by the lifestyle.

Anger is not a positive or beneficial emotion to have and can lead to rash decisions. Don’t let your anger take over your decisions, but never let someone belittle your compassion in life. Stand for what you believe is right.

Think Green!


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